audio & video

Not all the emotes in the world can express the true human emotions. Don’t be afraid to use your voice or look into the customer’s eyes through a camera. Two-way video call is started with one click in mluvii and you can just switch to instant video callback. Our application is compatible with the SDK library, so it can offer the customer the same comfort when communicating on a computer and on a mobile phone. 

Video call

Instant Callback

Screen sharing

SDK friendly


  • Video call is a powerful sales tool especially in combination with the instant video callback feature, which makes it easy to bring a customer from a phone call to a video call. With the option to record a session with the customer, you can return to the record at any time and evaluate it.
  • For added convenience, both the agent and the customer can turn on and off access to the camera and microphone before and during the call.
  • The WebRTC technology makes a video call with the customer smooth both on the web and on mobile devices. No download, installation, or sign-in required by the customer. Our video calls are simply effortless.