The cooperation began in 2018 when Home Credit Kazakhstan (HC KZ) needed an online communication solution that would fulfill its concrete requirements. The whole process was managed remotely, because of the distance of almost 5 000 kilometers. It took 5 weeks to define the scope of cooperation, set KPIs, and prove that mluvii is the best solution. Mluvii was tested on several scenarios and the feedback of both operators and clients was very satisfying and met the goals set before the PoC launch. During 3 weeks long testing phase mluvii was tested not only by operators but also by the COO and CEO and both tests ended up with 5 stars rating.


The inceptive cooperation started with 10 and then 20 operator licenses. In the beginning, the mluvii widget was used on other parts of the website but the homepage because of testing the load of messages. Gradually, after a year of getting used to the app mluvii widget was deployed to the client’s homepage.

As HC KZ is able to optimize the settings by its needs, the scope of cooperation develops every month. The PoC was set mainly for chat sessions. But then the Coronavirus crisis appeared and in a line with it goes more and more incoming messages and this led to the increasing number of new licenses for WhatsApp messaging.

Firstly, the quantity has doubled to 40 and since April 2020 60 operators can communicate all at once. After that HC KZ extended new communication channels and tested new functions in the operator environment.

We know, that digital transformation and utilization of human skills have a prompt impact especially when technology optimization.

During the whole year 2019, the number of chat sessions was moving around hundreds a day. It was a good start! By the end of the year, it increased to 1500 sessions on average. Now we have the first quarter of 2020 behind us and the maximum number of chats in one day reached 3 303 so it grows almost regularly by hundreds of percent. Nobody could know that this was just the beginning of very challenging times. This demonstrates how unique this cooperation is.


In March 2020 world pandemic crisis struck and complicated the majority parts of customer care. HC KZ came with the idea of integrating WhatsApp messages to mluvii as that could be a more comfortable way for many customers and it was a good choice to make. There was an Instagram campaign announcing the possibility of communicating by WhatsApp. WhatsApp along with chat also helped to take the load of phone lines and e-mail inboxes. Thousands of customers started to use the WhatsApp number and in the first two April weeks, there were more than 125 000 incoming requests, and the HC KZ team was able to manage up to 5 000 WA messages a day.

However, this sort of condition was not ideal thus HC KZ proceeded in improving the communication.

Another milestone appeared when operators started to use WhatsApp voice messages to accelerate the process of answering. The way of voice messaging is faster, includes more information so the queue has shortened and operators started to manage even more chats at one time! Good job Home Credit Kazakhstan!


HC KZ started to use mluvii with several extensions and the whole team managed it quite finely. Not only the team is constantly ready to innovate, but they also know how to adapt the situations with new implementations and mluvii team fulfills the function of a companion. Now we know that even if we are in intensive and intricate times the job can be done!

And even if we couldn‘t meet each other face to face, this happened to be very unmatched cooperation.