Everything you wanted to know about mluvii and GDPR

A time long ago, when the mythical Hercules lived, the citizens of the European Union had little power over their personal data. But on 25 May 2018, a daring regulation began to roam the world. It was called GDPR and it really wasn’t worth locking horns with it.

We in mluvii decided to stand on the right side. We have teamed up with the best experts, led by Ally McBeal, to address how to meet the legal framework while easing the lives of our existing and future clients. And this is our result.

What does it mean for customers of mluvii?

Now we must have a little bit of a necessary legal speak. To read the following paragraphs more easily, you can play the I love GDPR thematic playlist on Spotify.

You should read on especially if: you are our customer or you want to become one; your company is based in the EU and your customers are its citizens. Then you should make sure of the following two points.

  1. Make sure that your Customer Agreement takes into account the data you receive through mluvii. If you collect your customers’ personal data via the magic button and even process it through our application, let them know their GDPR rights. To preserve your honour and reputation, we recommend that your policies and internal documentation be as up-to-date and transparent for your customers as possible.
  2. If you are in the EU or have voluntarily determined that the GDPR applies to you, we can celebrate it by signing the Consent to Personal Data Processing. We have prepared a contract template and when you contact us at gdpr@mluvii.com, we will be happy to share it with you.

For details on the processing of personal data, see the Privacy Policy document.

How do we address the GDPR?

The mluvii button on our website is used mainly to support existing and potential customers. In order to assist as much as possible, we ask you to fill in the entry form and provide a name, e-mail and phone number before starting a conversation. We need this data to identify you in case of a request for erasure.

How can you set up mluvii?

You, as a personal data controller, have the opportunity to adjust mluvii to your liking. It’s one of the benefits of mluvii. You can set up a chat according to your rules or use the same ones we use on our site. Just turn on the same form for the widget or leave the widget without it. The same goes for callback.