Mluvii dominated Chatbot Hackathon

In February 2019, mluvii participated in Chatbot Hackathon organized by Mews Systems. A team of five of our developers won first place.

The Hackathon goal was clear – design the best chatbot. Jan Novopacký, Oleksander Bondar, Petr Dobroucký, Ondřej Fogatoš and Konstantin Mikheev came up with and built a solution that scored with the jury thanks to its inventiveness. As a basis for the chatbot, they used the Azure Bot Service, a real estate management system directly from Mews.

The way mluvii amazed

The team designed a special chatbot that can be placed on a hotel’s website or in its mobile application. This solution is designed to help accommodation facilities reduce the reception and operating costs. Such a chatbot would also bring faster and more comfortable communication between clients and the hotel. By receiving all the necessary information from clients, the chatbot can perform, for example, check-in, check-out, as well as changes to reservations or order additional services. At the same time, the chatbot will “remember” the clients so that they will no longer be forced to fill in forms during their next visit. The hotel owner will have a better track of the clients, so they can be provided with a personalized offer of additional services.

Chatbots in mluvii

We are good with chatbots in mluvii and we like them. Therefore, we can advise clients not only from the technical but also the business point of view.
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