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Automated communication has saved 40% of the call centre operators’ capacity. Use chatbots and voicebots where they belong.



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How to handle a rocket growth

How to quickly master communication in a rocket-growing business? This is the story of

Centralized communication

When the Autonaklik project started, a small team communicated with customers. New orders, sales and customer care were handled via web chat mluvii and mobile phone numbers. They managed communication history and call results in excel spreadsheets. And this is where the whole organization soon began to fray.

No more spreadsheets

If the number of orders grows rapidly, there is also a need to record call history. Mobile phones are no longer enough for this. Unless you want to drown yourself in excel spreadsheets. Then comes IP telephony, a cloud-based landline solution that is served by several operators at once and stores communication data and history.

Remote Call center

Along with the increase in customer enquiries, the team has expanded to include 3 brand new roles – call centre operators. However, there is not enough space and peace of mind in the office for the new colleagues and another difficult situation could arise. But the magic of mluvii is that you don’t need an office at all to serve customers. Operators were given access, call scripts and training and started serving customers from their homes. With just a laptop and a headset.


“The fact that you practically don’t need anything to start using mluvii was another major plus, because besides small offices, we are also in the coronavirus era and anything that can be solved online is just an incredible simplification of work. If we hadn’t had mluvii when we launched the campaign, the onslaught would have put us down,” says Ondřej Žilka, owner of the Autonaklik project.

Well-managed digitalisation

Heimstaden manages more than 43,000 apartments and is thus a leader in rental housing in the Czech republic. Such a position entails a huge amount of communication between clients, employees, and technicians.

The path to digitalisation

Until 2018, communication with customers was primarily through two channels – telephone and email. However, the inability to scale the communication infrastructure soon became apparent. It was time to go digital.

Automation saves capacities

Along with the launch of a new online portal for connecting with tenants came new avenues of communication. Operators began to find it easier to work with a chatbot that collected structured client requests. How do chatbots work in mluvia? Bot Designer is a graphical editor that allows you to design human-like conversations quickly and without coding, conveniently from one place. Customers can interact through the client portal as they are used to, they can create bookings and this has freed up to 40% of the operator capacity in Heimstaden’s otherwise overloaded call centre.

Communication under control

In mid-2020, Heimstaden has decided to completely entrust the technology to mluvii, including voice services calls, emails, chat and chatbot bundled in one platform save time and customer information remains in a unified and secure environment. This makes traffic management easier, clearer and delivers savings.

Fortune favours the prepared

How WhatsApp became a communication hit at Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan.

Digital hub for clients

In 2018, Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan came up with the idea of launching digital communication channels for its clients. 5 weeks later, the project with mluvii was already deployed in pilot operation and was waiting for the outcome of the PoC.

Successful pilot stage

The involvement of chat and chatbot mluvii produced immediate results already during the Proof of Concept phase. Mluvii received a 5-star rating in mystery shopping by management, high marks in design and user-friendliness ratings, and was quickly embraced by operators.

WhatsApp’s unexpected destiny

The chat was gaining popularity with HC Kazakhstan clients, with operators handling up to 3,000 messages a day. The team decided to implement another digital communication – WhatsApp for Business. It was WhatsApp that played a crucial role a few months later, during the coronavirus epidemic in spring 2020. Clients started flooding HC Kazakhstan with tens of thousands of WhatsApp messages per day. The call center queued 125,000 messages within a few days, thanks to operators responding to text messages with voice recording, so requests disappeared quickly.


“During the covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to face an unexpected number of requests on WhatsApp. We asked mluvii for a 50% increase in operator licenses to handle the onslaught in a crisis situation. And we got them immediately. We are very happy to have such a partner.” – Jaroslav Ipser, DevOps Transformation Manager, Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan

How to handle a rocket growth

How to quickly master communication in a rocket-growing business? This is the story of

Heimstaden manages more than 43,000 apartments and is thus a leader in rental housing in the Czech republic. Such a position entails a huge amount of communication between clients, employees and technicians.

Well-managed digitalisation

How WhatsApp became a communication hit at Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan.

Fortune favours the prepared

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