"When I presented the results of the feasibility study, I said to senior management 'Neat tool, I like it. We can easily customize it ourselves, I don't see any technical problem and it could be used as a multi-channel communication tool'.

Jaroslav Ipser, devOPS Manager, Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan

Customer care in times of pandemic

The cooperation with Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan began in 2018, when the need for an online communication solution that would meet all corporate requirements arose. The entire process of deploying the new solution was managed remotely, with a distance of less than 5,000 km separating us.

Defining the scope of the collaboration, setting key objectives and proving that mluvii was the best solution took just 5 weeks. Mluvii was tested on many scenarios and the feedback was very satisfactory from both operators and clients. However, during the 3 week testing phase, mluvii was tested not only by the aforementioned operators but also by the COO and CEO and both tests ended with a maximum rating of 5 stars.

How to do it?
The initial collaboration started with 10 and then 20 operator licenses. The Mluvii widget was on the website but not on the main page – this was due to testing the number of incoming messages. After a year of experience with the mluvii application, the widget was also deployed on the main page of the HC KZ website.

Since HC KZ is able to optimize the application settings according to their own needs, the scope of the collaboration is evolving every month. The original concept was primarily prepared for chat sessions, but a few months later the coronavirus pandemic appeared and with it more and more incoming messages. This led to an increase in operator licenses for the WhatsApp channel. Initially, the number doubled to 40 licenses and by April 2020, 60 operators could communicate through WhatsApp at once.

HC KZ thus tried out the new communication channel and tested other features of the operator environment.

We recognise that digital transformation and the use of human skills are having a rapid impact, especially when optimising technology.

The number of chat sessions in 2019 was around hundreds per day. And that was a great start! By the end of the year, the number was already averaging 1,500 check-in sessions per day.

At the moment, we are at the beginning of the second quarter of 2020 and the highs are still rising. In one day, 3,303 sessions were handled. The number is thus growing by more than 100 percent. No one could have known that this was just the beginning.

The crisis that came in March 2020, caused by the coronavirus pandemic, made most parts of customer care difficult. So HC KZ came up with the idea of integrating the WhatsApp channel into mluvia, with the assumption that it was WhatsApp that could be a more convenient channel of communication for most customers. And it was a good choice.

HC KZ announced the possibility of communicating through WhatsApp on its Instagram account. WhatsApp was thus, along with chat, a major help in the fight against overloaded lines and overflowing email inboxes.

Thousands of customers started using this new WhatsApp number and a total of 125,000 new requests came in during the first two weeks of April. The HC KZ team managed to resolve up to 5,000 messages a day.

However, this model was not sustainable in the long term and so the HC KZ team continued to improve communication. It used the voice messaging option on WhatsApp to handle requests faster – the voice message is faster and contains more information. This allowed operators to handle multiple chats at once and the queue was quickly shortened. Well done, Home Credit Bank Kazakhstan!

HC KZ started using mluvia right away with several improvements and we have to say that they handled the transition to the new communication channel perfectly. Not only is the team constantly ready to innovate, but they are also very adaptable to external changes, allowing the mluvii team to act as a partner. We now know that together we can get the job done even in the toughest of times!

And even though we still haven’t met face to face, we can say that this is a very unbeatable collaboration.

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