Apple Messages for Business

Your direct route to iOS and macOS customers

The service is available in PROFI and ENTERPRISE plans

Apple Messages for Business keep you close to your customers. Offer your customers new ways of communicating with your business. Conveniently from their Apple device that’s always close at hand. As easily as if they were texting with friends from within the native Messages environment.

The path to your brand has never been straighter

Offer your customers a whole new way to communicate with your brand. Their messages from the web, mobile app, newsletter, social media posts, Apple Maps, Spotlight or Siri will always come to you.

Let Messages come alive with new formats

Bring the Messages environment to life. Use new communication formats like rich links, catalogue product offers, time booking and Apple Pay.

Why you will fall in love with Apple Messages for Business

Discover our world of customer care

Take premium care of your clients

Reduce customer service load by transferring users to chat

Quick and easy access

We store all important communication information for you so that you always have it to hand

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