We generate value by adding human touch in B2C
communication through technology.

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Engage your customers

They will never get lost on your website thanks to:

  • Classic chat
  • Video chat
  • VoIP call
  • Combinations of all above

Know your customers better

Customer behavior insights with:

  • Live monitoring
  • Predictions of customer behavior
  • Reporting of your agent performance
  • Reporting of customer behavior

Sell more

Augment customer experience with:

  • Live Document & File Sharing
  • Mark & Highlight
  • Browse together with your customer & see things at the same time
  • Cognitive services


A lot more immediate than email exchange. The current starting point for your customer interactions. Key features:

  • Real-time text communication with customers
  • Auto-messages based on your business goals
  • Brand identity widget customization
  • File sharing
  • Log retention
  • Mobile app for SME - if you can't afford to be in front of computer all day

Video call (including chat)

Eye contact is an essential element for every human interaction. So you have a perfect chance to make a unique relationship with your customer. Key features:

  • Congratulations! You are now talking to a human eye to eye!
  • Combined with live chat - so you and your customers can still send links, pics etc.
  • One-way or two-way sessions - because some customers prefer to remain anonymous
  • Desktop, Docs & File sharing (learn below)
  • Brilliant ground for cross-selling

Multichannel communication

MLUVII also works as a multichannel communication platform. So it doesn't matter if you are contacted via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp or traditional phone call. All is gathered in one place. One agent can handle every possible channel. Here are some examples:

  • Facebook messenger
  • Twitter DM
  • WhatsApp
  • Skype
  • Email
  • Traditional phone call
  • SMS
  • You get the idea :)

Document & File sharing

Truly key feature. It makes everything faster and smoother with our visual aid. You can emphasize and highlight the important things you want to show to your customer and vice versa:

  • Browse with your customer and see things together
  • Everything is real-time
  • Supports usual file formats: PDF, images, and video
  • Highlight and mark things directly in documents and share them together

Cognitive services

It’s a bigger deal than it seems. It's what we do so you don’t need to and is magnificently beneficial for data analysis. Applicable to customer or your agents. Our engine recognizes:

  • Gender (Important for breaking down your customer database gender profile)
  • Approx. age (Important for breaking down your customer age profile)
  • Mood (You can now track customer's or agent's mood over time and include such data into your reporting & analysis)

Customer Behavior Prediction & Machine learning

Thanks to our sweet algorithms we can predict the behavior of your customers to a certain degree. If you're using CRM, predictions will be even more precise. Let's say you found out that particular customer accessed your eshop from their iPhone and you happen to be a seller of covers for smartphones, then you'll know you want to show them only iPhone covers.

Call/Contact center solution

MLUVII is ready to accomodate a heavy-duty call center. But includes additional channels:

  • Chat
  • Direct messages from various social networks & messengers (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp)
  • Video call
  • VoIP call
  • SIP (Traditional landline & cellular)

It doesn't matter which channels you'll use, everything is serviced through one place. This place is called MLUVII.

Reporting & Analysis

Of course you’ll want to track progress. It really depends on what are your company's goals. But here are some examples:

  • Average session duration
  • Number of sessions
  • Success rate
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Performance of your agent
  • Any metric of your choice
  • Everything can be measured

Interconnectivity & 3rd party Integration

Yes. We have the capability and ability. There is a wide variety of third party systems, software and solutions your company might use. And you probably ask: could we integrate? Yes, you can. Here is just a sample of what is possible:

  • Active directory platforms
  • Any big data
  • CRMs (MS Dynamics etc.)
  • Google analytics
  • Basically everything you might come up with :)

We will help you

We are aware of the complexity of MLUVII and we want you to use it to your best advantage. We've got expert trainers to teach you and skip the “trial-and-error” process. We have experience from various business segments so we make sure you benefit from the product immediately.


What kind of results should you expect? Here are some tangible outcomes of our partners using MLUVII:




Video call + document and file sharing
Video call
Traditional call (SIP)

MLUVII changes communication standards. Do you want to join us?

About Us

MLUVII is a place where you remove the distance between yourself and your current and potential customers. Everything works as if you are inside a traditional store. It's at the highest level of virtual interaction. But the most important essence will remain: eye to eye interaction that is personal and real.

Establish live audio video interaction between you or your company's agent using features that will make your sessions smoother and faster. Your sales are proved to improve and positive feedback from your customers is in real-time and genuine.

Thanks to the newest technology we've applied, our state of the art software runs solely in-browser. No need to install anything. Doesn't matter if you want to sell something or just provide your customers with smooth (finally!) customer care. MLUVII is also perfect for those who desire to build up a virtual call center. But modern, smooth & supercheap. The good thing is that MLUVII will improve customer intelligence over time so you will be able to predict your customers' needs and behavior. Handy.

MLUVII also works as a multichannel communication platform. So it doesn't matter much if you are contacted via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp or traditional phone call. All is gathered in one place. So one agent can handle every possible channel.

MLUVII will help you to create a bond between your brand & your customer.